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My Story

Second Chances

Life is filled with copious challenges, and for me, a young aspiring golfer, life had reeled me into a dark path. A single ounce of Crystal Meth opened the doors for terror and freight to consume my life.

What felt like a momentary euphoria now became a whirlpool of havoc. Drugs have now controlled my life, it consumed my thoughts and overwhelmed my conscience. Now, instead of looking down and seeing the shaft of the golf club in my grip, I am now stuck with looking at the cold rigid frames of the handcuffs. 10 years of my life was devoted in isolation and reflection: 3,650 days where I had to face myself in the morning, reflecting on the mistakes that I made.

But luckily for me, the 10 years was not game over, it was a chance to become a better person. With a promise to God and most importantly, myself, I now took every second in that cell to work towards my redemption. Horrified yet eye-opened by my mistakes, I knew what I had to do—spread awareness of the dangers of drugs. I could not bare to see young souls fall in the same trap that I had once fell into.

Reaching over 167 schools and a total of 142,000 students in the last 5 years, I have carved my promise to give back and pass on what I have learnt. The possibility that one innocent soul can be saved from a path of torment is all that I need to continue my pursuit for an impact.